# User Permissions (updated)

Different users in Auctria can have different permission levels set.

Permission Level Description
None No permission to view or edit the auction. This is typically used to provide per-auction permissions: you can set a user's default permission to None and then assign permissions in specific auctions; or, use None on a per-auction basis to deny access to a specific auction
Read Only The user can view the auction data, but not modify anything.
User Permission to make normal changes, such as: add bidders; add items and donors; record bids; and, process checkout payments. However, the user is not able to delete anything. Also, some bulk operations (e.g.: sending statements to all bidders) are also blocked.
Power User The level is the same as a user but with permission to delete records and perform all bulk operations on an auction. This level cannot perform organization level operations such as creating a new auction and adding/deleting users and is the minimum required level to edit the auction website.
unset equivalent of "Power User"
Admin All powerful! Can manage the organization, as well as users. Required to set-up Text Messaging. Only admins can issue credit card refunds.

Using the Is an administrator (Is Admin) flag for the User Options will provide them with "Admin" level permissions regardless of the actual Permission level they have set.


This is most useful when an Organization has multiple events and their Users do not necessarily have the same Permission level in each event although they still want to have users with full overwatch capabilities for all events.

Users will have a default permission listed on the Users pages for the organization. If no Permission Level is set for a user the list will show it as blank.


An example showing an organization User List.

# Auction Specific Permissions

You can also assign a user a specific permission in a particular event. For example, a user may have Read Only permission by default, but is given User permission in an event they are helping with.

Auction level permissions are defined on the Auction Details page, see Auction Permissions

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