# Donor Catalog

# Row Content - Donor Catalog

Drag and drop the More Row Content element from the Website Editor Sidebar into the row space where you want to add the Donor Catalog.


This will open the Choose Row window.


Clicking the Donor Catalog element will now drop it into the row space you selected. The element will start with a default Donor Display. This should be modified to fit your auction as needed.


The Donor Catalog displays the Donor logos (see Add Images to Donors for more details) that will link to the Donor "Website Address" set in their respective Contact Information panel of the Donor Details page.

The Donor Catalog consists of two main elements: Donor Card and Donor Display.

# Edit Donor Card

The Donor Card settings manages how the individual donors look in the display.


# Show Image

This toggles the display of the donor logo/image. The donor's name will display if no image is available.

# Show Name

This toggles the display of the donor's name if an image exists.

# Image Height

This sets the height of the image container.

# Image Scaling

  • Enlarge Image to cover - expands image to fit "Image Height".
  • Contain full image inside - reduces image as needed to fit within image container.

# Edit Donor Display


# Catalog Style

  • Small Catalog Card
  • Wide Catalog Card

# Donors Displayed

The Donors Displayed option uses the Select Donors pop-up window to configure which donors will be shown in the catalog.


The Donors are controlled by the "conditions" that are set for the Donor Display.


  • All Active Donors - lists all Active donors. This is the default.

  • Donors matching search term - lists all donors matching the search term.

  • Donors matching tags - lists all donors that have the indicated Tag(s) set.

# Donors Per Page

The Donors Per Page option sets the number of Donors that will be displayed on a page.

# Enable Pagination

The Enable Pagination options works with the Donors Per Page option to add a page navigation bar when the number of donors to be displayed exceeds the value set for the page.

# Auto Advance (s)

The Auto Advance option automatically advances to the next page of donors after the set number of seconds have passed. Leaving this blank will disable the Auto Advance feature for the Donor Display.

Also see Common Element Actions for more details on managing the Donor Catalog.

Last Updated: 4/3/2020, 2:07:12 PM