# Upload Images (updated)

You can upload multiple images at once and have the system automatically assign them to different items. Each image must be mapped to a single item, however, if you have a folder of images named item_1, item_2, item_3 the system will upload the highlighted images in the folder and assign them to items# 1, 2, 3, etc.

Any given item# can be assigned multiple images by naming them as item_1_a, item_1_b.

Auctria Launch PRO-TIP

If you want to assign the same image to multiple items, copy it locally on your computer and give it a name to map to each item. Then upload the whole folder.

# Uploading images

From the main Auction Dashboard, click Items -> Upload Images


Click "Select Images"


From the image selector, you can select "Choose files". If you select a folder - click open - and it will list all the images in the folder.

Select multiple images and click Choose and then Upload


The software will list the image(s) that have been uploaded and the item it is being mapped to. The item(s) can be changed or image(s) deleted.


Click Upload Images to complete the upload.

Although precise dimensions are not critical (since screen sizes will vary), the following aspect ratios will work well with images of reasonable file sizes:

  • rectangular (16:9, 4:3, etc.) for background and item images
  • square (1:1), especially with logo
  • long and thin (for example 6:1) should only be used for banner style images

Also see Image Sizes for ideas on some specific sizes to consider for your images.

Last Updated: 4/1/2021, 8:46:23 PM