How To Set Up Online Pay Later

During online checkout at the Auction Website, an option to Pay Later can be made available.

The Pay Later option is available by clicking through, from the main Auction Dashboard, the Bidders sidebar menu entry, and then through Bidder Registration/Checkout under the Actions sidebar menu and scrolling to the Online Payment Options section of the page.

 ∞ Online Payment Options

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Offering the Pay Later option will override the requirement of registering a credit card as a commitment is being made by the purchaser or winning bidder to make a payment with one of the accepted methods.

The Pay Later option will allow bidders to add the amount owing to their account during online checkout on the Auction Website. It can be offered as the only payment option or in conjunction with our Credit Card processing integration.

 ∞ Credit Card Processing

When offering Pay Later in The Shopping Cart checkout, you must customize the choices you are offering in the Online Payment Options settings for them to be available to your guests.

See  ∞ Choices To Offer During A Pay Later Checkout for additional references.

We recommend updating the text on your Item Won Notification emails and Bidder Statement email with further payment information as needed.

 ∞ Email Edits For Online Auctions

When credit card processing is available, the email checkout link will continue to display while the Bidder has a balance owing. With the Online Pay Later checkout, the Bidder will continue to have a balance until payment is manually entered through the main Auction Dashboard Checkout page.

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Last reviewed: November 2023
Set Up Online Pay Later
How To Set Up Online Pay Later
Learn how to set up Pay Later for Online Auctions.