Website Dashboard

The Auction website is managed from the auction Website Dashboard and auction Website Editor. Both are necessary and which is used depends on the task at hand.

Managing the Website

The Website is created and its general settings are managed from the auction Website Dashboard found under the Website section of the main Auction Dashboard menu.


Website Address

The Website Address provides the references to the website addresses being used for the currently selected auction. This information is not directly editable.



The Website Address allows an optional item number to be used allowing you to share a URL to a specific item's details page. For example, will go to the Demo event's item# 13 details page.


The Details panel provides access to edit the name of the website as well as the friendly URL name used for the Auction.


The Comment field is strictly informational and often used as a reference about the site.
The Address field is used as the event/auction specific unique section of the URL.

Website sidebar


  • All Websites - links to the All Websites page where you can select which auction website you want to work with.
  • Create Website - links to the "Create Website" page. See Creating A Website for more information.
  • Import Website - opens a file chooser to select the .dat website file to be imported.


  • Edit Website - clicking this will open the auction Website Editor.
  • Clone Website - clicking this will start the "Clone website" process with a pop-up window.
  • Export Website - clicking this will download an appropriately named unique .dat file used with the "Import Website" process.
  • Make Default Website - clicking this will make the currently selected website the new "default" website.
  • Delete Website - clicking this will pop-up a "Confirm delete website" window to continue.

Kiosk Mode

  • Enter Kiosk Mode - clicking this will open the website in Kiosk mode with "bidder" access.
  • Enter Kiosk Mode (Unrestricted) - clicking this will open the website in Kiosk mode with "administrator" access.

See Kiosk Mode for more information.

Online Features

  • Online Access - clicking this opens the "Bidder Online Access" page. See Bidder Access Tokens.
  • Online Bidding - clicking this opens the "Online Bidding" page. See Online Bidding.
  • Bidder Registration - clicking this opens the "Bidder Registration" page. See Bidder Registration.
  • Global Website Options - clicking this opens the "Global Website Options" page. See Global Website Options.

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