Item Catalog

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The Item Catalog contains several default components:

  • Search bar
  • "Show Me..." filter bar
  • Page navigation bars
  • Item cards

Edit Item Catalog

Catalog Style

The Catalog Style is chosen from a drop-down selector of "card" templates.
The default is Small Item Card.


Small Item Card


Wide Item Card


Image Only Item Card


Immediate Item Card


Immediate Vertical Card


Items Displayed

Clicking the Configure button for the "Items Displayed" setting will open the "Select Items" window.


See Configure Items Displayed for more details.

Items Per Page

The "Items Per Page" sets the maximum number of cards to be displayed on a catalog page.


If Pagination is disabled, this value should be set to at least the number of items to be displayed in the catalog or some items will simply not be available via the website.

Sort Criteria

This option sets the Sort Criteria to use for the items displayed in the catalog. The default setting is for Item#. There are also options for Title and Value.


Sort Direction

This option sets the direction for the Sort Criteria to be displayed. The default is Ascending (lowest to highest) with an additional option of Descending (highest to lowest).


Allow Drill To Details

This toggles the (more...) text link in the item's description as well as the ability to click on an item card to view the item details.

Show groups

This toggles the "Show Me..." filter bar


This toggles the Search bar


Enable Paginations

This toggles the Page navigation bars at the top and bottom of the catalog.


Item Details

Clicking on an Item Card will access the Item Details page element.


Show Item#

This toggles the display of item number and item description.

Show Item Value

This toggles the display of the item value.

Hide Sharing Buttons

This toggles the display of the social sharing icons if they are configured.


The Item Details element is found as a sub-component of the Item Catalog.

Also see Common Element Actions for more details on managing the Item Catalog.

Last Updated: 2/28/2020, 3:18:37 PM