An Event With Ticket Sales

Auctria can help you get your in-person event with ticket sales sorted out and available to your guests quickly and easily. However, there will be a few steps to consider and work through.

Generally speaking, you must ensure you have an event website created and decide on the ticket items you want to make available to your guests. There are a few possibilities here with tickets.

  1. You might want to sell individual admission tickets and let your guests choose the quantity they wish to buy.
  2. You should have a set number of tickets for your event; perhaps there is a room capacity you need to keep in mind for the in-person event.
  3. You might sell groups of tickets, for example, a couples' ticket item or a ticket item for larger groups, for example, a "Table of 8" with seating assigned or maybe just a "Group of 8" ticket. The possibilities are near endless. However, the setup is still straightforward.

Now that you have reached these conclusions, you must have a look over and set up your Auctria event to meet those needs.

Event Website

If you do not have your Auctria event website created, see How To Create A New Event Website for more information. You will be able to immediately check the event's Ticket Options to address any capacity concerns either before or after your event website has been created.

Bidder Registration

Next, ensure your Bidder Registration/Checkout settings are correct with specail attention to the Ticket Checkout Options panel.

Event Tickets

Then, you must sort out and create your Tickets items. Although creating Ticket items is straightforward, configuring a Ticket item for a couple or a group does need specific settings.

See Adding Or Modifying Tickets for more information.

Bidder Experience

Once you have all the above, you can take your guests through purchasing their tickets as needed. Buying tickets from the event website is intuitive. However, some guests may still need assistance to become more familiar with standard website operations. The following User Guide pages can help with this.

Buying Single Admission Tickets
Buying Multiple Admission Tickets

Last reviewed: December 2023
An Event With Ticket Sales
Your organization can have an event with a website that allows you to sell tickets to your in-person event.