Archiving Your Auction

Archiving Your Auction happens after the event is completed. This can be based on a specific date or, by default, will be six (6) months after the Event Date set under the Auction Details dashboard.


Although a specific Archive Date can be set to be immediately after your event has ended, a 30 day grace period is enforced to help ensure all payments have been made by bidders allowing them to clear any outstanding balances themselves.

See Reports > Financial > Accounts | Outstanding Accounts for reference.

Once the event is over and all of your items have been addressed appropriately, for example Closing Online Bidding, and you have cleared all of your Outstanding Accounts (and organization fees balances, if any), you will generally want to consider Archiving Your Auction.

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What Happens?

Once the auction has been archived, visitors to the Auction Website will get a Missing Event? page displayed with a reference to the auction event Website ID you used.


An example of an archived Auction Website landing page.

Set The Auction Archive Date

In most cases, the Auction Website will automatically be archived approximately six (6) months after the Event Date set under the Auction Details dashboard.


An example of the Auction Details taken from an Auctria demonstration site.

The Event Date is set when the event is created using the Add New Auction function. By default, the Event Date will be set to when the auction was added (this can be modified at any time).

The Archive Date will also be automatically set, by default, as six (6) months after the Event Date. The Archive Date can be modified at any time and, if left blank, it will be treated as though the date was set six (6) months after the Event Date.

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Last reviewed: January 2023
Archiving Your Auction
Archive your event after it is done to hide the event website from public view.