Quick Start Guide: Mobile Card Readers

To use a tap credit card reader with Auctria you must complete the following.

1. Connect your Stripe account

You must have a Stripe account connected to Auctria: see How To Connect A Stripe Account for more details.

2. Acquire the Credit Card Readers

You must order the card readers directly through Stripe.

Customers in the US should order the Stripe Reader M2open in new window and customers in Canada and Europe the BBPos WisePadopen in new window.

You will need to be signed into your Stripe account to place the order, and the hardware will ship directly from Stripe. Typical shipping time has been 3-5 days.

You can also order a special 'Stripe test card' (for about $5) which lets you run a test event and practice with the mobile checkout app without having to charge a real credit card. We recommend getting a test card so you can practice using the app.

3. Set your Organization's Location

Stripe's readers require that a location is defined for where they will be used. This location is used to ensure the correct readers are used (for example, you can't use a US reader in Canada) and also for aiding in fraud detection. Auctria will use the location defined by the address on the Organization page. It does not matter if this address is not precisely where the reader will be used, but if it is in the wrong country that would be an issue.

Before connecting a reader ensure the Organization's location is set correctly on the Organization page of the dashboard.


Video: Admin App Introduction

Auctria Video

4. Install the Auctria Admin app


As of January 2023 the app is available for iOS directly from the Apple AppStoreopen in new window.


To request access to the Android test click on appdistribution.firebase.dev/i/5d967be6115f1138open in new window. The Android app remains in a testing phase as of September 2023.

Once your request is approved, you will receive an email with more details on how to install the Android app.

5. Learn about the Auctria Admin app

See Auctria Admin App for more details on how to use the admin mobile app.

Last reviewed: September 2023
Quick Start Guide: Mobile Card Readers