Check In Bidders

January 2023: the current dashboard release has new graphics and some interface changes. Many screenshots still reflect the older release and will be updated shortly.
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At In-Person events, you can use Auctria to Check In Bidders as they arrive. From the main Auction Dashboard, click through Bidders > Check-in Bidders under the Actions sidebar menu to open the Bidder Check-in dashboard.


You can search for bidders by entering details such as their last name or a ticket number to find the bidder you want to check in. Click the bidder(s) you want to check in and then click Check-in Selected Bidders.


An example of a bidder list on the Bidder Check-in dashboard.

After the bidders have been checked-in, they will show as such on the Bidder Check-in dashboard.


An example of a checked-in bidder, with the green dot under Checked In.

Bidder Check-In Sidebar

There are several Actions available from the Bidder Check-In dashboard in addition to the Check-in Selected Bidders action.


An example of a Bidder Check-in dashboard view.

Add New Bidder

If the bidder is not in the system, yet, click Add New Bidder to quickly add the bidder.


You can check-in the bidder as you register them, if needed.


Clicking Save Bidder will update/add the bidder and return you to the Bidder Check-in page.

If you wish to Link two bidders when they are checking in, simply check the appropriate box beside each bidder and click the Link Selected Bidders Actions button.

Link vs Merge Bidder

Send Access Token

To use the Send Access Token Action, you must first select the bidder(s). Clicking the button will initiate the Bidder Access Tokens function and send an appropriate email to the selected bidder(s).

Refresh Bidders

The Refresh Bidders Action is most useful when there are multiple Users from the Organization using the platform at the same time especially when using the check-in features to keep the data being viewed current.

Options (advanced)

Clicking the Options action will open the Bidder Check-in Options page.


An example taken from a demonstration event.

Check-in Options

  • Additional bidder fields to show in check-in list
    This will allow you to add fields as a comma separated list of bidder fields to show on the check-in page. See Bidder Reference for a list of fields. Also to note, the intent is for "simple fields" to be used here such as Notes or Company for example.


    Added Options fields may not show up without refreshing your browser. In rare cases, it may take a few minutes for caches to clear.

Check-in Actions

  • Send email on check-in
    Default: Yes. This uses the Bidder Check-in System Email.
  • Send text on check-in
    Default: Yes (requires  ∞ Text Messages feature).
  • Check-in text content
    Welcome to {{ Auction.Name }}.
    Your personalized event link is {{ Bidder.ShortSignInUrl }} or use your access code {{ Bidder.AccessCode }}.
    You are bidder# {{ Bidder.Number }}.
    Reply 'stop' to prevent further texts.

    Displayed with line-breaks for reference only.

Assign Seating

Clicking the Assign Seating action will open the Seating Assignment page. See Assign Seating for more information.

Sell Tickets

To use the Sell Tickets Action a bidder must be selected. Using the Sell Tickets function here will use the bidder details to pre-populate the Sell Tickets form fields as the purchaser.

Edit Bidder Details

If you want to edit bidder information at check-in or check the table assignment or address, click the Quick Actions icon (3 vertical dots icon at the far-right of the bidder row) and then select Edit Bidder.

Note that you can also delete a bidder and view bidder details from these Quick Actions. If you select view details, you will open the Bidder window for that bidder.


An example showing the available Quick Actions.

If you selected Edit Bidder, a popup window will appear that allows you to edit the bidder details.


An example Edit Bidder pop-up window.

You can make any changes, as needed, and then click the Save button at the bottom of the popup window to save your changes. Clicking the Cancel button will discard your changes and/or close the popup window without saving.

Last Revised: March 2023