Custom Website Variables

The auction website has an option to Add Custom Variable in the Website Editor Sidebar under the Theme properties section.


Add A Custom Variable

To Add A Custom Variable click on the Add Custom Variable button which will create a default "custom_variable" property.


Clicking on the "custom_variable" property will open its settings.


At this point, you can over-write the "custom_variable" placeholder and set an appropriate Variable name (see below); and, set an appropriate Value for the custom variable.


An example using the 'body-bg' variable with a simple HTML color reference of 'black' for the value.


In order to have the Custom Variable applied, you must click the Reapply Theme button.


Available Custom Variables

Variable nameValue description
body-bgoverall theme background color
auctria-card-bgbackground color for the 'card' used in the multi-step elements and others like the item catalog
auctria-card-borderborder color for these cards
auctria-nested-card-bgused for background on cards that have two levels of nesting

A short list of currently reviewed custom variables... more to follow.

Reviewed: February 2023