# Custom Website Variables (advanced)

The auction website has an option to Add Custom Variable in the Website Editor Sidebar under the Theme properties section.


# Add A Custom Variable

To Add A Custom Variable click on the Add Custom Variable button which will create a default "custom_variable" property.


Clicking on the "custom_variable" property will open its settings.


At this point, you can over-write the "custom_variable" placeholder and set an appropriate Variable name (see below); and, set an appropriate Value for the custom variable.


An example using the 'body-bg' variable with a simple HTML color reference of 'black' for the value.

In order to have the Custom Variable applied, you must click the Reapply Theme button.


# Available Custom Variables

Variable name Value description
body-bg overall theme background color
auctria-card-bg background color for the 'card' used in the multi-step elements and others like the item catalog
auctria-card-border border color for these cards
auctria-nested-card-bg used for background on cards that have two levels of nesting

A short list of currently reviewed custom variables... more to follow.

Added: 2021-04-28
Last Updated: 4/4/2022, 7:37:23 PM