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Stationery File Guidelines

A stationery file must be a PDF. It can not be a simple image or a Word document.

The page size of the stationery file should match exactly the page size of the form you are producing.

    • If you are producing a letter sized bid sheet, then the stationery PDF must be letter sized as well.
    • If you have reduced the page size, for example toproduce a booklet format catalog, then you must also use matching statement size stationery.

The top and bottom margins for a stationery file specify the distance parameters, so as to keep the form within the top and bottom edges.

    • Make sure when specifying the margins, you set the correct units, either in inches or centimeters.

You can not adjust the left and right margins on most forms, so stationery files tend to work best when they just provide content at the top and/or bottom of the page.

Content that appears white on the page, such as the background of the bid sheet's grid, is typically not transparent. So if your stationery file has a background image for example, then it won't show through in these spots.

Stationery files are standard PDF files which can be produced by different programs. The exact process of creating a template design will depend on the program you are using to create the document.

The steps below show some possible ways of creating a PDF.

From a Mac Computer

Macs offer the capability to save to a PDF original format. For example, from the print dialog in Microsoft Word, you can save the document.


From a Personal Computer

Current versions of Microsoft Office on a PC are able to Export a document directly to a PDF file. The below example is from Word 2016.

From the File Menu, click Export.


Click Create PDF


You will be prompted to save the file. Click Publish.


Using a 3rd party Printer Driver

You can also use one of the free PDF printer drivers to create PDFs from any program that can be printed. For an example of converting to a PDF, visit

Using Google Docs

You can save a PDF from a Google Docs format using the Print command.



Last reviewed: March 2023
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