Introduction To Organizations

Organizations in Auctria

The Organizations Dashboard provides for many operations in Auctria, such as adding New Auctions, adding User Accounts, creating new Organizations, uploading Logos, and much more.

Getting To Where You Need To Be

You can access your Organization's settings using the Organizations dashboard. To do so, click on the entry titled Organizations on the left Auctria sidebar.


Events are managed by Organizations in Auctria.

User Permissions

Functions and features on the Organizations dashboard are available based on the Permissions associated with your User Account. A user can belong to multiple Organizations at once.

See User Permissions for more details.


A logo may also be stored for the Organization. The Organization logo is available to all auctions run by the Organization. The Organization Logo is managed under the Organization's Logos tab.


An example from a demonstration event.

License Details

You can check your License Details from the Organizations dashboard by clicking the **License ** button. From here, you can view your current License Details, access links to renew or upgrade your Auctria license, and compare different editions of the platform.

The license is applied at the Organization level only. Licenses are not connected explicitly to the email address of the license purchaser.

See Auctria License for more information.

Upgrade Subscription

Suppose your license is not a Diamond Plan. In that case, you can upgrade your Auctria account anytime by clicking on License and selecting Upgrade Now.

This will take you to our online checkout page with the selected appropriate plan.

See Upgrade License for more details.

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Last reviewed: July 2024
Introduction To Organizations
Learn about organizations and the central role they play in Auctria.