Displaying Sponsors

There are two elements used for Displaying Sponsors on the event website, the Sponsors Catalog element and Sponsors Row element. Each of these elements has its own configuration settings to display your Sponsors.

If you are offering multiple Sponsorships at different values, or tiers, the Sponsors Catalog does provide for grouping and displaying these Sponsors into groups based on their value as a default option -- the Sponsors Row does not.

Adding Sponsor Logos

When selling Sponsorship items there is no option to add a Sponsor Logo initially. To add a Sponsor Logo you would need to upload an appropriate image to the sponsor's Participant Record using the Images tab. See Images under Participant Details for more information on this.

You can also create your own Sponsors display combining elements such as the Image element, Text Element, and Heading element.

Last reviewed: June 2023
Displaying Sponsors