Introduction to Websites

You can use Auctria to set up a Website for your event. Websites are managed from the Website Dashboard and the Website Editor.

Website How-To Guides

Please see our collection of Website Editing How-To Guides for help with configuring your event website.

Website Editing How-To Guides

Getting Where You Need To Be

To access the Websites dashboard, click on the Websites entry on the left sidebar, or click on the Event website block on the main Auctria dashboard.


An example from a demonstration event.

Please see our Website Dashboard section for technical details on Auctria's Website feature set.

Reference: Websites

Create New Event Website

If this is your first time using Auctria, you may need to create a new event website. Please visit our guide below to learn how to set up your website for the first time.

How To Create A New Event Website

Set Website Address

If you go to your Website dashboard, and see a message starting "No website address defined", you will need to set one for your website to be available to your guests. You can learn how to set your website address by visiting our page below.

How To Set The Website Address

Last reviewed: May 2024
Introduction to Websites
You can use Auctria to set up a website for your event.