A2P 10DLC refers to a system in the United States that allows businesses to send Application-to-Person (A2P) type messaging via standard 10-digit long code (10DLC) phone numbers.

Basically this refers to using a standard 10-digit phone number to send (or receive) text messages in an automated way. The texting services available with our paid plans fall into this category.

September 2021 Update

From October 1st, 2021, organizations will need to have a profile registered with the Campaign Trust Registryopen in new window.

We have made setting this profile up straight-forward through your Auctria dashboard: click on Communications Text Profile to access this feature. See Text Profile for more details.

There are no additional costs associated with registering this profile, currently.

Texting Quotas

As part of these changes, there are new Texting Quotas and rate limits in place for sending texts.

In general, there is a 3,000 texts per day limit -- any texts in excess of this will be silently dropped by the telephone companies.

NOTE: T-mobile has a lower limit included in this of 1,000 messages to T-mobile customers.

Most providers also have a 0.25 message segment (240 characters) per second rate limit. For example, sending 75 texts will take 5 minutes for them all to be delivered. This will limit the effectiveness of custom texts for timely announcements during an event but is generally not an issue for bidding notifications during the event.

Summer 2021 Update

Starting this Fall (2021) there are going to be changes to the rules around this form of texting.

These changes are industry wide and being driven by the "telco" companies (AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint). The telephony and platform providers (like Auctria) are needing to react to them.

The motivation of the changes is to reduce spam texts.

In essence, each organization wanting to send texts in an automated way will need to register and provide certain information about their identity and how they are using text messaging.

The details of this process are still in some flux. It is possible there will be exemptions for 501(c)3 organizations but details are not yet available as to how this will be established.

Starting in October, all groups that want to send text messages will need to have a "registered profile" or will be at increased risk of texts not being delivered and those texts will be subject to higher per-text fees.

There will be two types of industry registration available:

  • a 'simple' registration process that will allow for up to texting volume of up to 3,000 texts per day
  • a 'full' registration process that will allow for much higher volumes but requires more identity verification and a registration fee.

At this point, Auctria is only planning to support the 'simple' registration process. This means texts above the 3,000 per day quota will not be delivered. Please contact support if this is a concern for your event.

Starting in mid-September, there will be a new page available on your Auctria dashboard to confirm your profile details and submit them to the registry.

We realize there is still a lot of ambiguity in this update. We wanted to be as transparent as possible about these changes in the texting landscape.

Text messaging provides a great way to interact with your supporters and to provide easy access for bidders and support features like "Text-2-Give". We are committed to being able to provide these services and are hopeful, once the dust settles, the changes will actually lead to improved delivery rates and throughput.

We will provide more updates as we have confirmation of the changes and timelines involved. In the mean time, please let us know if you have any questions.

Last reviewed: August 2023