Introduction To Raffles

A curated collection of User Guide pages related to creating and running Raffles and how they can be included in your fundraising event using the Auctria platform.


  • How To Add A New Raffle
    • To Add A New Raffle, start from the main Auction Dashboard and click through the Raffles sidebar entry. Click on the Add New Raffle button to continue.
  • Creating Raffles
    • When you are Creating Raffles, these are the basic steps to consider. You must Create The Raffle group and add at least one Raffle Ticket item. You can optionally Add A Raffle Prize item, which could be used with the Award Prizes function.
  • Raffles to Heighten the Auction Successopen in new window
    • Raffles can be prolific fundraising tools that can take the auction event to new heights. As a game of chance numbered tickets are sold, one or several tickets are randomly chosen and the holder of the winning ticket takes possession of the prize.
  • For Sale Items
    • For Sale Items represent items that are sold for a fixed price. These items are also often "sold" to multiple people. For Sale Items are used, for example, when selling auction Tickets, or "raffle tickets" as well as items where the bidder thinks of buying the item rather than winning it.

    Auctria Pro-Tip from Launch Services!

    As a special case, For Sale type items have an additional activity related option under Exporting & Printing (in the sidebar) that allows you to Export Individual Sales for the specific item as an XLS formatted file.

  • Sales Transactions
    • When Selling Items in Auctria there are essentially two ways to set up items. You can use the For Sale Items approach or you can use Buy It Now Only Items approach.
  • Combine For Sale Items
    • You can add For Sale Items to any basket to track sales of those items through the basket. The Activity tab for the component item will report all the sales activity, both direct and indirect for the item.
  • Raffle Prize Items
    • Raffle Prize items are used as the prizes for raffles; or, as an option in which the item is being awarded to the bidder without a cost.

Last reviewed: March 2023
Introduction To Raffles
A curated collection of User Guide pages related to creating and running raffles.