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Basket And Packages

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Many auctions will bundle multiple items together to sell as a single basket or bundle, or they may have multiple packages of For Sale Items. For example, for your auction you offer a package of 5 raffle tickets which is less expensive then 5 individual tickets.

These pages show how to work with this type of collection.


The term Basket or Package is used to refer to a group of items being sold together, whether it is literally packaged as a basket or not. More precisely:

  • A Basket is a collection that is being sold as a live, paper, or online item. It is subject to the normal bidding process for that Item type.

  • A Package is usually a collection of For Sale Items that are being sold together, often at a discount on the original price. It can also be used for Donation Items that are part of several bundled For Sale Items. For example, if you track corporate donations via Donation Items, you may include a number of auction tickets with that actual donation.

Three types of Items are used for handling Baskets and Packages.

  1. A Partial Lot Item will be included in a basket. Partial Lot Items are not sold separately, but by entering them as separate, individual items you can track the donor information for these as you would any other item.
  2. Basket Lot Items are those items that represent the basket being sold. These have a Biddable item type or the For Sale item type and will have the Is basket lot/package? property enabled.
    Biddable Type Items
    For Sale Items
  3. Normal For Sale type items can also be included in any basket or package although these items should be set as a For Sale type item themselves.

Partial Lot Items can be assigned to the baskets items to track where they will be sold.

For Sale Items can be added to any basket or package along with a quantity.

The value of the basket item can be calculated automatically from the Partial Lot and For Sale Items it contains. You can however override this if you want to set the value explicitly. See Basket Value for more information.


If you have a basket of 3 specialty coffee products you will be selling together in a paper auction then you would create 4 items:

  • 3 Partial Lot Items, (type set to partial lot), one for each specialty coffee with its own Donor and value information.
  • A Paper Bidding auction item with the Basket Lot option selected to represent the item you will actually be selling. You can leave the Item Donor and value information blank. The bid sheet will only be generated for this item.

For a raffle tickets example, you have single $5 tickets and also want to sell books of 4 tickets for $17. You would create 2 items:

  • a For Sale Item RAFFLE with a value of $5
  • a For Sale Item RAFFLE4 which is marked as a basket, and then has the RAFFLE item added to its contents with a quantity of 4. The value on the RAFFLE4 item is set to $17.

When you look at the item activity for the RAFFLE item you will be able to see not only the direct sales of the RAFFLE item, but also indirect sales due to sales of the RAFFLE4 item, so you can track how many raffle tickets were sold in total.

Last reviewed: March 2023
Basket And Packages