Financial Reports


These are the Financial focused reports currently available.

Bidder Accounts

  • Outstanding Accounts
    Bidders that have an outstanding balance due
  • Credit Accounts
    Bidders that have a credit balance due
  • All Accounts
    Bidders that have any activity due


  • All Payments
    All payments that have been made.
  • Total Payments By Payment Method
    Total of all payments grouped by payment method.
  • Bids With Payment Details
    Show bids with associated payment details (beta).

Credit Cards

  • Credit Card Charges
    All processed credit card charges.
  • Credit Card Charges With Fees
    Details of credit card charges with fees.
  • Credit Card Summary
    Summary of credit card charges and processing fees.

Sales Tax

  • Sales Tax Summary
    Total sales tax collected.
  • Sales Tax Detail
    All transactions that include sales tax.


  • All Expenses
    List of expenses in the current event.
  • Expenses for consignment items
    Net profit for consignment items.


  • All Bidder Income
    All income tracked against bidders from won items, purchases, and donations.
  • Bidder Purchases
    All sales of 'for sale' items with purchase details.
  • Bidder Purchases Summary
    Summary of sales of 'for sale' items with total sales per item.
  • Bidder Donations
    Donations from bidders, direct or on donation items.
  • Bidder Donations Summary
    Summary of all bidder donations by item.
  • Won Items Income
    Income from bidding items.
  • Donor Donations
    Non-item donations from donors.

Income Summary

  • Income by item type
    Summary of total income by item type.
  • Income by item category
    Summary of total incoe by item category.

Income By Table

  • Income By Table
    Total income summarized by table.
  • Donations By Table
    Total donations summarized by table.
  • Donation Deails By Table
    Donations summarized by item and table.
  • Purchasees By Table
    Total purchases summarized by table.
  • Purchases Details By Table
    Purchases summarizes by item and table.

All Events

  • Auction Income (All Events)
    Total bidder income by auction.

Last reviewed: June 2023
Financial Reports
Financial reports for Bidder Accounts, Payments, Credit Cards, Sales Tax, Expenses, Income, Income Summary, Income By Table, and All Events.