Forms can be customized with your logo, address, and more using a PDF Stationery file that you upload to the auction website.

These stationery files work like pieces of letterhead. Forms can be generated on top of these stationery files.

Auctria Video April 2017

This Bid Sheet is an example of a stationery file providing graphics, and text, across the top of the page with the rest of the form content printed below.


The Stationery PDF file (example below) should match the size of the form you are printing. In this case, letter-sized to match the Bid Sheet. The below example shows a stationery file for Bid Sheets.


You can create your own PDF Stationery Files that include your organization's logo, or other images, and header text that you want to appear on all documents of the same type.

To use stationery, follow these steps:

1 - Create Stationery
2 - Upload Stationery
3 - Attach Stationery to a form or document


  • You can create and upload a variety of stationery files to use with different forms and documents.
  • Each form, or document, can only have one stationery file "attached" to it.
  • The size of the stationery must match the size of the form, or document, it is being used with.
  • The margins set for the stationery, and the form or document, will affect how the content of the form, or document, prints over the stationery being used with the form, or document.

Last reviewed: May 2023