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Sponsorships January 2023

Sponsorships in Auctria

Sponsorships in Auctria are handled as an item to purchase. You can add Sponsorship Items to your event and sell Sponsorships through the Sponsorships dashboard.

Sponsorships can also be purchased on the Event Website by showing them in an Item Catalog element. Sponsors can be acknowledged using the Sponsors Catalog element.

Sponsorships can be configured to include admission Tickets to your event.

Setting Up Sponsorships

You will first need to add a Sponsorship Item to your event in order to sell a sponsorship.

You can do this by clicking on Add Sponsorship Item on the Sponsorships dashboard.

Limiting Sponsorships

In some cases you may want to limit the number of available Sponsorships for your event.

This is accomplished by setting the (Availability) Quantity for the Sponsorship either while creating the item or afterward by modifying the Sponsorship Item's Quantity property.

Although Limiting Sponsorships may create an urgency for bidders, be careful when setting the Quantity value as having too few of a sponsorship may end up "leaving money on the table" if there are not enough to meet your bidders' demands.

Selling Sponsorships

You can sell Sponsorships through the Sponsorships dashboard using the Sell Sponsorship button.

Displaying Sponsorships

Purchasers that have bought sponsorships can be displayed on the Event Website.

Last reviewed: July 2024
Introduction To Sponsorships
Learn more about Sponsorships, adding Sponsorship items to your event, and selling Sponsorships.