Introduction To Communication

Auctria provides various Communication features for Events, including emails, texting, and mobile app notifications.


An example from a demonstration event.

Some communication features are only available to specific license tiers.

Communication How-To Guides

Please see our collection of How-To guides below for assistance with the Communication features available in Auctria.

Email How To Guides
Texting How To Guides

Getting Where You Need To Be

You can access Auctria's Communication features by clicking the Communication entry on the left sidebar.


The Communication entry on the main Auctria sidebar.

Please see the Reference: Communication pages for technical details on Auctria's Communication dashboard.

Reference: Communication

Email in Auctria

The Auctria system will automatically send out Email Notifications when specific actions are performed.

Our Transactional vs Marketing Emails page provides an overview of the primary function of Auctria's Email features.

For a list of which Auctria sends out System Email Notifications, please see System Email Notifications.

You can find summary descriptions of Auctria's system emails by visiting System Emails Summary.

For help with editing Emails for Online Only Events, visit the Email Edits For Online Auctions page and its related topics.

Texting in Auctria

If you have a paid license with Auctria, you will be provided Text Messaging service, as either Standard Texting or Advanced Texting.

For more information on the Text Messages feature and its settings, please visit the Text Messages page.

See the Standard And Advanced Texting page for more detailed information on the differences between Auctria's texting services.

See the Send Custom Text page to learn about sending custom Text Messages with Advanced Texting.

Last reviewed: May 2024
Introduction To Communication
An overview of the Communication section of the Auctria platform including emails, texting, and mobile app notifications.