# Bidder Registration/Checkout (updated)

To configure Bidder Registration/Checkout for your auction, click on Website from the main Auction Dashboard menu, then click on Bidder Registration/Checkout under the "Online Features" sidebar menu. This will open the Bidder Registration dashboard page.


# Video: Bidder Registration Experience

Auctria Video 2020-04-11

You can add this same video to your auction website using the Add Section function. See Instructions Bidder Registration for more details.

# Bidder Number Assignment


  • Automatically assign bidder#'s
    Control when bidder#'s will be automatically assigned if not specified
  • Next assigned bidder#
    The system will attempt to use this number as the next assigned bidder#

# Online Bidder Registration

Online Bidder Registration must be enabled for bidders to be able to purchase tickets or register online. This requires, at a minimum, the Enable online bidder registration and ticket purchases option be set to Yes.


  • Enable online bidder registration and ticket purchases
    Bidder registration allows bidders to sign up for the event via the auction web site.

    Online Bidder Registration is enabled by default. You should consider Creating A New Auction Website, if one does not exist, for the event as soon as possible and allow your guests to begin registering immediately.

  • Allow bidder registration without tickets
    Allow bidders to register without purchasing tickets. This also controls the visibility of the "Register" link in the Header content block.
  • Prompt bidders to set up accounts
    Prompt bidders to setup an account when registering/checking out.
  • Additional text for the required terms of use bidders must agree to checkout/register
    Enter text to be shown alongside the standard terms of use link guests must agree too.
  • Text to show bidders to ask them for an 'opt-in' permission
    If set then guests will be presented with this text during online checkout/registration so they can opt-in to email updates, etc.

# Online Payment Options


  • Allow credit cards as an online checkout option (if enabled)
    Allow bidders to pay by credit card during online checkout (requires credit card processing to be enabled).
  • Offer 'pay later' as an online checkout option
    Allow bidders to add the amount owing to their account during online checkout.
  • Choices to offer during a 'pay later' checkout
    Alternative forms of payment to offer bidders at checkout when 'pay later' is enabled.
  • Allow bidders to save credit cards
    'Yes, on by default' - bidders' cards will be saved during registration or purchases by default.
    'Yes, off by default' - bidders will have the option of saving their card but will need to check a box.
    'No' - bidders will not be offered the choice of saving a credit card.
  • Require card to be registered during checkout/registration
    'No' - this is the default and gives registrants the option to save/register a credit card to be used later when they register for the event.
    'Yes' - enabling this option forces the bidder/purchaser to register a credit card for the event in order to complete registration.

# Choices to offer during a 'pay later' checkout

Ask the bidder to choose from one of these choices when they select 'pay later' as an option at checkout. If the Pay Later Choices are defined (as a comma separated list), they will be shown during the bidder checkout when pay later is chosen.

Bidders will be able to click on the 'pay now' button when 'allow pay later' is selected to 'pay' for a balance... this won't actually record a payment but will give the bidder the opportunity to opt in to shipping, make an extra donation, and select a pay later choice (payment method).

Bidders doing this will receive a Bidder Statements but it will still show a balance owing.

If you are not accepting online payments, or online donations, and you are not asking for Shipping or "fulfillment" choices, there is no need to enable online checkout at all.

In this case, just you can set Offer 'pay later' as an online checkout option to No and just provide bidders with payment instructions via the Item Won emails (see System Emails and Email Edits For Online Auctions for more information on making these changes).

# Registration Options


  • Meal choices
    Enter a comma separated list of meal choices to present to bidders when they are registering for example: Beef,Fish,Vegetarian.

    The Meal choices options are "literal", if you have a space after the separating comma it will be part of the meal choice "name" and show the "space" in the reports. Changing the name after a meal choice has been selected will reference each "meal" separately in any related report.

  • Require meal choice
    If meal choices are defined, require that a meal choice is entered for each guest.

  • Allow bidders to enter comments during checkout/registration
    Allow bidders to leave comments when checking out and/or registering for the event. When enabled, this will display the comment box on the right side of the Checkout form.

    • The comment text can be edited by double-clicking it to open its Edit Content window. See the Text Element element Edit Text section for more details on this popup window.

# Viewing Registration Comments (new)

To view the registration comments that have been left by your guests you can use the Reports feature set. In this case, one of the choices would be found under Reports > Bidders > Registration Comments.


A quick walkthrough showing how to open the list report showing the registrant "Messages".


An (empty) example of the list report for bidder registration comments.

# Registration Contact Options


Set which contact details will be asked for and, as set, required.

  • Ask for bidder's address
  • Require bidder's address
  • Ask for bidder's phone#
  • Require bidder's phone#
  • Ask for bidder's website
  • Ask for bidder's company
  • Ask for reference number from bidder
  • Ask for bidder's seating preference

# Registration Guest Contact Options


Set which guest contact details will be required.

  • Require guests's name
  • Require guests's email
  • Require guests's address
  • Require guests's phone#

# Who Can Register


There are two means of restricting who can function as a bidder in the auction. You can ensure that all bidders get pre-approval and also restrict the internet domains for the bidders.

# Bidders must be pre-approved

Pre-approval: The default setting here is No. This means that a bidder may register even if there is no existing bidder record for the auction. If set to Yes, enabling the pre-approval restriction, then bidders must get pre-approval (ie. their bidder record must already exist in the system). When the bidder registers, a bidder record must pre-exist that matches the bidder email address. This requires that you pre-populate the auction with details on any bidder that is allowed to register. To enable bidder for pre-approval, click the 'check box'.

# Domains bidders are limited to

Limit by Internet domain name: You can also restrict bidder registration to email addresses that come from specific domains. To add a list of domains, that will be considered restricted, simply click the Empty link and enter one or more domains as a comma-separated list. It's important to enter only the domain name, for example mycompany.com, relatedcompany.com. If this setting is left as Empty, a bidder can register with any email address.

# Notifications


You can choose to send notifications when a bidder completes a registration.

# Send bidder# in email

Select Yes to Send bidder# in email if you want each registrant to receive their bidder number ahead of time.

# Notify organization of bidder activity

If you don't want the organization to receive notifications regarding each bidder registration, then choose No for Notify organization of bidder activity option.

With this notification disabled, the Organization's Contact Email address will only be used on the auction website and as the reply-to address on emails sent from Auctria.

The Bcc Email address, if set, will continue to receive the bidder activity notification regardless of the setting for this option.

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