Auctioneer Experience

The Auctriaopen in new window platform has support for specialized features to run a Virtual Live Gala and Virtual Paddle Raise. When combined with an auctioneer live stream and/or an emcee live stream, it makes for a complete online virtual live fundraising experience.

The Auctioneer Experience for Organizers with Auctria will help with digitizing the workflow and keeping accurate records for all types of auctions whether they are "Live" events, "Silent" auctions, "Online" virtual auctions... or any sort of combination/hybrid version of an auction you will be planning.

This section of the User Guide is for the Organizers, Event Planners, and Auctioneers using Auctria to better service their customers and users when it comes to more event specific actions and activities.

From Bidder Registration/Checkout through the Bidding/Sales processes, and the event Close-out everything is streamlined!

The Live Online Auction

There are a few things to do for your Live Online Auction to get things rolling.

Add Your Live Auction Page

See the Adding Your Live Auction Page section of the Virtual Live Gala page for more details on this.

Add Your Auction Items

You should have your items already added to the event and ready to be auctioned. In essence, add auction items using the Live Items type, and number the items in the order you want to them to be presented.

  • see Add New Item for more details on how to add items to the auction; and,
  • see Item Numbering for more information about renumbering items, if necessary.

Invite Your Guests To Register

In most cases, your guests/bidders will be registering online prior to the event itself. See Bidder Registration/Checkout for more details on this feature set.

Auctria Pro-Tip from Launch Services!

Make certain the website has a "Register" menu entry (in most cases, this will be there by default -- see How To Configure Menu Entries as needed) for guests to follow.


Having bidders register a credit card when they are filling in their registration details will also help with the close-out of the auction/event. This would also make using Batch Checkout a potential benefit to the organization.

The Event

Once you have the auction ready and bidders registered, your next steps will be for The Event itself.

Make Certain The Bidders Know Where To Go

Direct bidders to the Auction website, and more specifically to the "Live Auction" page on the website (see Virtual Live Gala for more details on this). This is where the bidders will view what the administrator/auctioneer/emcee is presenting for the the current item in the "Live" auction.

Administrator Control

The Live Auction Controller feature is on the same website page the bidder is directed to. This is the page where the actual tool for the administrator running the live auction is also located.

The Live Auction Controller element provides Administrator Control over several functions:

  • jump to items from a drop-down auto-completing selector
  • close the current auction item with the click of a button
  • open items previously closed as needed
  • recent bidding history
  • ...and more.

There will also be a specially configured Item Details element that is matched to the Live Auction Controller element on the page (below the "Controller" element) and will be what the bidders see.

Both the auctioneer and the bidders will be viewing the same page. This makes it ideal for seeing bid updates as they come in and keeping things running smoothly.

Virtual Paddle Raise

  • Maintain the energy and excitement of an auction paddle raise in your virtual event
  • Bidders can quickly participate at predefined donation levels
  • Reflect the amount raised in real time to bidders to build momentum
  • See who is donating in real time

Also see the Virtual Paddle Raise page for more details.

Last reviewed: June 2023
Auctioneer Experience
The Auctria platform has support for specialized features to run a Virtual Live Gala and Virtual Paddle Raise.