# Header Links

When in editor mode all Header Links will be visible although this will not be the case when viewing the site in non-editor modes. Those menu links that are not visible at all times will appear with an overlay when editing.


# Visibility

The Visibility of a Menu Entry is determined by who is looking at the website.

  • Registered Bidder -- a bidder that is registered for and logged into the specific event.
  • Visitor -- a non-registered bidder, or bidder that is not logged into the specific event.
  • User -- a member of the Organization team. See User Accounts.
Menu Entry Registered Bidder Visitor User
Home Yes Yes Yes
Register/Online Registration1 No Yes No
My Account1 Yes No Yes
Contact Us Yes Yes Yes
Sign In2 No Yes No
Sign Out2 Yes No Yes
Custom Page Yes Yes Yes
External Website Link Yes Yes Yes
Submenu3 Yes Yes Yes
Cart icon4 Yes No Yes
  • 1 The Register menu entry will be replaced by My Account when you are logged in as a registered bidder for the specific event. See also Special Pages for more details on the "Register" menu entry.
  • 2 The Sign In menu entry will be replaced by Sign Out if you are logged in.
  • 3 Submenu menu entries will only be visible if their respective menu entry items are visible.
  • 4 The Cart icon will only be available when an item is in the cart.
Last Updated: 11/30/2020, 3:35:00 PM