# Add Section

To add a new section, drag and drop the Add Section element from the Website Editor Sidebar to the area on the website page where you want your new section to be placed.


This will open the Add Section window.


# Basic Sections

Clicking on one of the "column" options will add an "empty" section with a single row divided into the number of columns you selected. This is the same as adding an empty row to an existing section.

# Row Elements

Clicking on the Row Elements tab will display the "Row Elements" that can be added with the new section.


Selecting one of these row element cards will work just like inserting a new row element into an existing section. See Row Content for more information on these elements.

# Pre-Built Sections

Clicking on the Pre-Built Sections tab will display the cards for a collection of pre-configured sections designed for specific purposes. These "Pre-built Sections" will help you jump-start your pages and make creating your website quicker and easier.


# Auction Catalog

This will insert a new section into the page that consists of a pre-configured Item Catalog element. The Item Catalog is configured to use the Catalog Style "Small Item Card" and the Items Displayed condition "Item with types: silent, online, live".


This element and its properties can be further adjusted to suit your event needs, see the Item Catalog row content page and Configure Items Displayed for more information.

# Donation & Thermometer

This will insert a new section into the page that consists of a Cash Donation element pre-configured with specific Donation Levels set...


...and a Thermometer element configured with a Target Amount of $25,000 and an Amount Source configured as "Total event income".



These elements can be further adjusted by making changes to the relevant properties that suit your event needs. See the Cash Donation row content and the Thermometer element for more details.

# Instructions: Bidder Registration

This will insert a new section into the page that consists of a Heading element, an introductory Text Element and a Video element showcasing the "Bidder Experience".


Each of these elements can be updated as needed. See the Heading, Text Element, and/or Video content elements for more information about their properties.

# Item Solicitation

This will insert a new section into the page that consists of the default Solicit Items "form".


# Live Auction Bidding Section

The Live Auction Bidding Section is a special feature set best covered under the Virtual Live Gala section Adding Your Live Auction Page. This section includes the Live Auction Controller and a pre-configured Item Details element.


# Mobile Bidding App

This section will add a collection of elements in a three-column row to describe, provide a link, and show a couple of screen captures of the Auctria Mobile Bidding App for bidders to use in place of a desktop or laptop computer.


Although in most cases this page is fine as is, if you want to modify it you will be looking at the following content elements:

  • Heading (for the **Bidding App** title)
  • Text Element (for the introductory text)
  • Button (for the link to **Get the App**)
  • Image (one for each screen capture)

# Ticket Sales

This will add a section very similar to the Auction Catalog section (see above) except it will configured with the condition to display the event ticket items and use the Catalog Style "Immediate Item Card".


If you need to make adjustments to the elements on this page you would be looking into the properties available with the Item Catalog row content and how to Configure Items Displayed to change the catalog conditions as needed.

Last Updated: 5/27/2020, 8:36:09 PM