Event Team: Donations And Sponsorships

The person(s) managing Donations And Sponsorships for an event plays an important role in helping to raise funds through direct Donations be it "cash" or "items" as well as helping with setting up Sponsorships which are often a special sort of donation where the donor is receiving something in return such as a table of tickets, recognition by the event organization, or a donation "in-kind".

The Donors


In Auctria, Donors and Bidders are considered two separate entities although a Sponsor might blur the lines as they will have a bidder record in most cases.

Donors (and Sponsors) provide cash, items, or services to the organization to support the event either directly, or indirectly, depending on what you provide to pledge with.

Working With The Donors

Donors And Sponsors On Display

Last reviewed: June 2023
Event Team: Donations And Sponsorships