Raffle Prize Items

Raffle Prize items are used as the prizes for raffles; or, as an option in which the item is being awarded to the bidder without a cost.

For raffles, you would create "raffle tickets" as For Sale Items, and sell these to the bidders.

Tracking the Raffle Prizes within Auctria is optional since awarding a raffle prize will not affect how much bidders owe or the income you raise. By entering the winning prizes, they will appear on the Bidder Statements.

Create each prize item with:

  1. Item type set to Raffle Item; and,
  2. Value (optional).

You can record the prizes a bidder has won using the Bid tab of the Record Bid page, just leave the amount blank. You will need to enter the Bidder# and Item#. There is no dollar amount used when awarding a Raffle Prize.


An example taken from a demonstration event.

See Raffles and Add Raffle Prize Item for more information.

Last reviewed: June 2023
Raffle Prize Items