Credit Cards

January 2023: the current dashboard release has new graphics and some interface changes. Many screenshots still reflect the older release and will be updated shortly.

A curated collection of User Guide pages and section focused on Credit Cards and how Credit Card Processing is implemented for organizations on the Auctria platform.

Credit Card Processors

Processing Credit Card transactions in Auctria requires connecting to a supported payment processing service. Auctria currently supports integrating with the following:


All Credit Card functions in Auctria are tied directly to having Credit Card Integration enabled. If it is not enabled, you will not see these feature sets.

Registering Credit Cards

Credit Cards can be registered at multiple points on the Auctria platform. The most common approach is to have your guest register their credit card when registering for the event (under Online Payment Options).

The option to register a Credit Card for future use with the event is also available during the Checkout process.

Registering Credit Cards is also an option that can be set as a requirement for bidding (under Online Bidding Behavior).

If you should have your guests register their Credit Card is mostly dependent on your audience and their expectations. There is no requirement to use Credit Card Integration although most organizers find it very convenient over using multiple systems to process and record payments accurately.


In order to Register Credit Cards you must have Credit Card Processing enabled.

 ∞ Bidder Registration/Checkout | Online Payment Options
 ∞ Online Bidding | Online Bidding Behavior

Credit Card Reports

The most common reports for Credit Cards are the Credit Card Charges and Credit Card Summary reports.

  • Reports > Financial | Payments > Credit Card Charges
  • Reports > Financial | Payments > Credit Card Summary

These reports provide basic information generally looked for about the credit card transactions from the event. You can also expand on these default reports using the Choosing Columns function.

For more information about these reports, see Credit Card Reports in our User Guide under the Auction Team Experience > Credit Cards section.

Reviewed: January 2023