# Email Donor Receipts

You can Email Donor Receipts to any Donor that has a valid email address defined.

If the donor does not have an email address they will not be in the possible Recipients list.

The Donor Receipts being emailed can be filtered in a number of ways. The default is to send a Donor Receipt to Active Donors (see Active or Inactive? for more details) of the current event.


An example list taken from a demonstration account.

# Donor Recipients

The default Active Donors will be highlighted when you first open the Recipients filter list by clicking on its options menu icon (three vertical dots at the far-right).


Each filter option will select the donors to email as per its settings, if available.

  • All Donors
    This selects all Active and Inactive donors for the organization.

  • Active Donors
    This is the default and selects the Active Donors which generally means only those Donors involved with the current event.

  • Inactive Donors
    This selects all Inactive Donors which are essentially all donors for the organization that are not involved with the current event.

  • Donors Based On Tags
    This opens an additional option field where donor Tags can be used to filter the list.

  • Donors With Unreceipted Items
    This selects donors with items that a receipt has not been sent for.

  • Specific Donors
    This allows you to select specific donors as needed. Start typing in the Choose Donors field and a drop-down of matching results will appear to choose from.

  • Search For Donors
    This allows you to search for donors and select from the results. Enter the search term in the "Donors Filter" field and press the Enter key to start the search. The system will search contact names and email addresses for a match.
    For example, from the demonstration data (above), searching for body will return the following:

    Clicking on the red X at the far-right of the returned results will remove them from the list.

# Send Donor Receipts

Once the donor Recipients have been selected, click the Send Receipts button in the right sidebar under Actions. This will open a Confirmation pop-up window. Click Continue to send the Donor Receipt Emails.


A processing "box" and success banner message will appear afterward.

Reviewed: 2022-04-12
Last Updated: 4/12/2022, 3:32:21 PM