How To Require ReCaptcha Validation

There may be a requirement from your credit card processor (generally via the Authorize.Net merchant account services) to have enabled a ReCaptcha validation protocol enabled. This is available in Auctria, although the option is disabled by default.

To enable the Require ReCaptcha Validation feature set, from the main Auction Dashboard you can choose the Bidders > Bidder Registration/Checkout path, the Online Settings > Online Bidding path, or the most direct Website sidebar entry.

From one of the above dashboards, you can scroll down to the Online Features sidebard section and click through Website Options to reach the Global Website Options dashboard.


An example pass through to Online Features via the Website dashboard.

From the Global Website Options dashboard, click the "pencil" icon to enable editing the properties that are in effect. To enable the Require ReCaptcha Validation property, click on its checkbox and then click on the checkmark icon to save your changes.


An example of the Website options settings (Require ReCaptcha Validation disabled).


An example of the Require ReCaptcha Validation option enabled (in edit mode).


The page uses Google ReCaptcha v3open in new window, which is "invisible". Your guests will not be asked to actually do anything during checkout, although the validation processes will be happening behind the scenes.


Note: Auctria will automatically use the ReCaptcha Validation protocols if IP address of the purchaser submits more than a couple of failed credit card attempts. Enabling the option will force the validation on all checkouts.

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Last reviewed: November 2023
How To Require ReCaptcha Validation
Find and enable the ReCaptcha Validation option in Auctria.