# Tickets (updated)

Tickets items in Auctria are specially configured For Sale Items that have an admission quantity set and will be used either for admission to an (in-person) event or, optionally, as a means to restrict bidding in the auction catalogs.


Tickets items sold through the Auction Website (or manually using the Sell Tickets dashboard function) will trigger the full Bidder Registration/Checkout process and create a bidder record for the purchaser as part of that process.

Auctria can track your ticket sales and provide E-Tickets to guests. This will allow them, for example, to pre-register Credit Cards and update their contact information before the event.

Tickets are tied directly to Bidders and Bidder Record creation. Tickets should be used for event admission and similar requirements only.

# Overview

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# Ticket Dashboard

To access the Ticket Dashboard click on Tickets in the main Auction Dashboard menu.


The Ticket Dashboard provides an overview that can be used as a quick reference on tickets and sales.

# Recently Sold Tickets

The Recently Sold Tickets section shows a list of recent ticket sales with their respective ticket number, purchaser, guest, and when the ticket was sold. These can be followed through, by double-clicking on the row, to the Ticket Details.

# Ticket Options


  • Maximum number of tickets to sell, across all ticket items
    The maximum number of tickets that can be sold. Leave 0 or blank for unlimited. Individual item quantity will also be enforced.
  • Send tickets by email to guests
    When a ticket is purchased and the guest's email address is entered, send them an email with an E-Tickets.
  • Email a ticket statement when selling tickets from the dashboard
    When tickets are sold via the Sell Tickets page email a Ticket Statement to the purchaser.
  • Create bidders for 'unknown guests'
    When a bidder purchases a ticket but does not provide guest information for all the tickets, create placeholder bidders labelled 'Guest of ...' for the extra guests.

# Actions

# Communication

# Reports

  • Tickets Sold links to the "Tickets Sold" page.
  • Ticket Items links to the "Ticket Items" page.
  • Tickets Report links to the "Purchased Tickets" list report page.

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