Key Topics: Authorize.Net Notes

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Authorize.Net Notes

  • When using Authorize.Net, be sure to verify your Fraud Detection Settings before using the Checkout functions.

  • When using Authorize.Net for your credit card processor, the integration fees you owe will be found under Organization and the Auctria Balance page, where you can pay the fees.

  • If you try to issue a partial refund via Auctria when using the Authorize.Net integration you must wait at least 24 hours. If you want to issue a full refund, you can do so immediately.

  • Authorize.Net | Processor connectionsopen in new window
    "The Payment Gateway supports connections to all of the major credit card processors, which provides our resellers with wider sales opportunities. has certified each of our processor connections to achieve the highest level of transaction security available."

  • Authorize.Net | How to search for transactions?open in new window
    "Every transaction you process is stored in the Merchant Interface for approximately two years. By logging into the Merchant Interface, you can review the status and details of any settled or unsettled transaction. A settled transaction is a transaction that has been batched by the payment gateway and sent to the processing networks; an unsettled transaction is any transaction that has not yet been batched."

Last reviewed: April 2024
Key Topics: Authorize.Net Notes
A collection of helpful notes about using Authorize.Net with Auctria.