# Shipping

To access the Shipping options for the event, from the main Auction Dashboard go to Items and then click on the Shipping button in the Actions sidebar menu.


# Shipping Dashboard


The Shipping dashboard allows you to set the Shipping Policy, Default Shipping cost, and Max Shipping cost.

# Shipping Policy


The event Shipping Policy is selected from a drop-down with the default being Optional.

  • Optional
    Using the Optional setting will let the bidder optionally pay for shipping if there are shipping fees assigned to the item the bidder won.
  • Mandatory
    Using the Mandatory setting will require the bidder to pay for shipping if there are shipping fees assigned to the item the bidder won.

# Default Shipping


Amount of shipping for each item that doesn't specify its own amount.

# Max Shipping


Limit on the total shipping a bidder can be charged.

# Example: Fixed Shipping Cost

In those cases where you want to set a Fixed Shipping Cost you will need set the values for Default shipping cost and Max shipping cost equal to the "fixed" shipping cost.


Example: Fixed (mandatory) shipping cost of $25.00

# Fulfillment Options

You can provide a list of Fulfillment Options to bidders that will appear in the checkout screens.
The list of option you want to make available would be entered in a comma (,) separated list.


# Example: Fulfillment Options with Shipping

Pickup in East End,Pickup in West End,Shipping:$

This will provide three (3) options for the bidders to choose from in the checkout process. The first two options, in this case, are for two different "Pick-Up" locations and the third option will add the default shipping amount to the bidder's account.

# Video: Shipping

Auctria Video 2020-09-24

# Item Details Options


  • Shipping Cost overrides Default Shipping.
  • Negative Shipping Cost negates Default Shipping cost.
  • Donation Items do not get charged "shipping".
  • cc.fees & SHIPPING do not get charged "shipping".
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