# Income Summary

The Income Summary panel at the bottom right of the Auction Dashboard shows a list of the income source types for the current auction. Each "source" shown also links to a specific list report for that income.


Each income's list report will be configured in a "default" Report View providing the most common relevant details for that income source.

Report Views

# Income Summary Donor Donation Example Views

See, in general, Reports > Financial | Income > Donor Donations.

# In kind donations


These transactions are not included in the Total Income of the event. From the above screen capture, this would be the "Table top floral arrangements".

# Donations


These transactions are included in the Total Income of the event. From the above screen capture, this would be the "Gold level sponsor".


The Donation does not need to be a Sponsorship for it to be considered a donation. See Donor Donations & Sponsorships for more information.

# Closed Bids & Sales

# Closed Items


See Reports > Item > Won Items.


The default linked report will still need to have its Status drop-down selector set to Closed Items (or Closed Items without bids) to see the relevant items listed.


If you wish to also see the winning bid values, you can use the Choosing Columns function to add the $ Winning Bids column.

# Bidder donations


These are the Donation Items "purchased" by bidders.

See Reports > Financial | Income > Bidder Donations.

# Purchases


These are the For Sale Items purchased by bidders.

See Reports > Financial | Income > Bidder Purchases.

# Total Income


Total Income = Donations + Closed Items + Bidder Donations + Purchases.
This is the sum of the current Donations, Closed Items, Bidder Donations, and Purchases.

See Reports > Financial | Income > All Bidder Income.

# Inprogress bids


The In Progress Bids are potential income. The items/values will be moved to the Closed Items value as bidding ends on these items. This uses a custom view of the In Progress Items report.

See, in general, Reports > Item > In Progress Items.

# Payments


This is the list of the payments made by bidders.

See Reports > Financial | Payments > All Payments.

# Balance due


See Reports > Financial | Accounts > Outstanding Accounts.

You can also change the report's Status drop-down selector to use Active Accounts which will then show all transactions/balances.


# Net Income

Net Income = Total Income - Expenses
This is a calculated value and displayed for reference purposes only.


Last Revised: November 2021
Last Updated: 11/7/2022, 5:37:59 PM