Credit Cards

Auctria provides integrated support for credit card transactions through either Stripe.comopen in new window or Authorize.Netopen in new window. For organizations that do not have a "merchant account", Stripe is often the easiest and quickest processor to set up for use with Auctria.


See Credit Cards in the User Guide Concepts section for a general introduction on how credit cards are handled within Auctria.

Using integrated credit cards processing in Auctria will allow you to:

To access the Credit Card functions, click Credit Cards in the left hand sidebar menu of the main Auction Dashboard.


PayPal's virtual terminal product app (or their mobile payment app), or Square's mobile payments, can be used alongside Auctria to process credit cards at checkout (Note: this is not an integration).

These transactions would still need to be manually recorded in Auctria. You would follow the same method as if the bidder had paid using the "Other Payments" option (for example, cash or check).

Please see our FAQs Can We Use PayPal? and Can We Use Square? for more details as well as Checkout Payment Options for additional information on using these types of payment methods.

Last reviewed: January 2023
Credit Cards
Learn about integrated credit card processing, as well as how to register cards and issue refunds.