Bidder Maintenance

How Did I Get Here?

From the main Auction Dashboard, click through Bidders and then Bidder Maintenance. This will open the Bidders Maintenance dashboard page.


Bidders Maintenance Dashboard

This dashboard is where you can get help on managing your bidders by highlighting data issues that should be addressed.


Duplicate Emails

The Duplicate Emails page is used to view bidders that share an email address but have different bidder numbers. This causes issues for online bidding since we don't know which bidder they are when they sign in.

Duplicate Names

The Duplicate Names page is used to view bidders that share the same name but have different bidder numbers. This may cause some conflicts when logging in or tracking activities. These bidders can be linked or merged as needed.

The Link Bidders page provides an overview on how to link bidders.

Multiple Tickets

The Multiple Tickets page can be used to create new bidders as guests for bidders that currently have multiple tickets assigned to them.

Last reviewed: July 2023
Bidder Maintenance