How To Use Solicited Items

You can offer your donors an option to provide their items for your auction event on your website. You would add the Solicit row element to an event website page, and your donors would fill in the Solicit form with the details of the item they want to offer.

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The first thing you will generally need to do will be to add a new page to your auction website. Fortunately, during this process, you will be provided the opportunity to also add the Solicit Items element to the page you are adding.

From the Website Editor, click on the Manage Pages button to open the Website Pages pop-up window where you can add a new page. Type the name of your new page into the space provided and click the "Add New Page" button.


No website? Start here...

If you haven't created your auction website yet, please see How To Create A New Event Website for more information and references.

After typing in the new page name and clicking the "Add New Page" button, the Add Section pop-up window will be displayed where you will select the Item Solicitation "Pre-Built Section".


More Reading

For more details on the Solicit Items form and section, please have a look at the Item Solicitation information under website content in the User Guide.

Once you have the new page created with the Item Solicitation section added to it, you must share the auction website URL with your donors so they can find this page and submit their items.


An example from a demonstration event.

Remember to tell your donors which page they should be visiting, just in case you use a name that is not going to be immediately recognized by them, when they visit the auction website.

Once a donor has submitted an item on your auction website, it will appear under the Solicited Items dashboard. You would be able to check if an item has been submitted by navigating through the Items dashboard to the Solicited Items dashboard.


Clicking on the "Review Solicited Items" button will open the Solicited Items dashboard where you can select and accept the submitted items you want to add to your auction catalog.


An example from a demonstration event.

Clicking the checkbox beside the item and then clicking the "Accept Selected Items" button will will open the Accept Solicited Items pop-up window.

Accepted Items Options

By default, the item will be added using the Online type for the item and no Item Category or Tags will be defined.


You can make these changes here, in the pop-up window, or you can edit the Item Details in full afterward; otherwise, you must click the "Accept" button to continue with adding the item.

You've created a page where your donors can submit items for you to consider for your fundraiser event and you have accepted a submitted item. You may also have a new item in your item catalog your guests can now bid on.

Well Done!

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Last reviewed: December 2023
How To Use Solicited Items
Learn how to add the Solciit Items form and how to add the items to your event.