# Credit Card Settings (updated)

The Credit Cards Settings dashboard manages which Payment Processor is being used, the Auction Credit Card Settings, and Surcharge Settings when using the integrated credit card processing services of the Auctria platform.


# Payment Processor

The Payment Processor section provides a quick reference of the current Active Payment Processor (this is defined by the payment processor connection). The Preferred Payment Processor is generally set to the same processor although it is not a strict requirement to set this option.


If you need to start the connection process, click the button for the service you will be using.

For more information about connecting these services, please see the following pages:

# Auction Credit Card Settings

The Auction Credit Card Settings handle the majority of the "security" and "fees" options for the credit card integration processing functions.


# Credit card processing mode

Use this setting to switch between "Live" and "Test" mode. This works best with a Stripe.com (opens new window) connection as Authorize.Net connections require a different set of credentials for testing.

If you are using Stripe.com (opens new window), and your original Stripe connection was made using the "force test mode only" setting then you will need to disconnect and reconnect your stripe account to activate "Live" mode successfully. See Connecting A Stripe Account for more details.


# Allow missing CCVs

Select this box if you want to process credit card numbers without a CCV. This setting only affects card entry from the back-end site (anywhere a Swipe card button is shown). Bidders will still need to enter the CCV security code online when entering their credit card details.

# Suppress card address checks

Select this box if you want to skip the address check.


By default, credit cards require a CCV and address check. You can choose to skip these security precautions although the defaults will be set to not skip them.

# Surcharge Settings (Current Auction)


# Credit card fees handling

There are two types of credit card fees:

  1. Stripe processing fees range from $0.30 + 2.9% per transaction in North America.
  2. Auctria's processing fee ranges from 0.2% to 0.5% depending on your Auctria license level.

In total, credit card processing fees will range from $0.30 + 3.1% to 3.4% per transaction.

The default Credit card fees handling mode is set to Normal, which means that the organization will absorb external credit card processing fees, and not pass these fees unto the purchaser.

Normal the bidder is not charged the fees - an amount above their purchase price will be included for the additional processing fees amount.
Surcharge the bidder is charged the fees - the deposit you receive will match the amount of the original purchase and the amount of the processing fees owed.

Surcharge mode means the bidder will not have the option to not pay the processing fees; and, an organizer will not have the option to waive the fees.

To change the fee handling mode, click the triangle at the end of the Credit card fees handling box and select the mode that best suits your event.

In Normal mode, you will have the option to add credit card fees to the total during checkout.


If you click to add the fees, the surcharge is listed separately.

In Surcharge mode, the fees are automatically added and listed separately.


For more about processing fees, see Processing Fees.

# Option to include credit card fees online from bidders

Enabling this option will allow your bidders to choose to pay the credit card processing fees when they are using a "pay online" link. The "Item Won Notification" and "Bidder Statement" will usually have a "pay online" link available when credit card processing integration is enabled within the Auctria platform.

# Option to include credit card fees on admin pages

Enabling this option provides for charging the bidder the credit card processing fees when using the Checkout function. The Checkout feature set is generally used when the event has an in-person component and allows for you to ask the bidder if they would like to pay the credit card fees for their transaction.


The fees paid by the bidder for credit card surcharges are recorded against the cc.fees item number.

# Surcharge Settings (Organization)

By default, the Surcharge Settings will use the base Stripe.com values of $0.30 per transaction plus 2.9% of the charge. These values will be used to calculate all transaction fees that will be used in Auctria. The Surcharge Settings section allows you to adjust these as needed, for example, you have negotiated a lower rate with Stripe.


Use this option to best approximate and calculate the credit card transaction fees that will be incurred when using credit card processing within the Auctria platform.

Last Revised: 2021-10-25
Last Updated: 10/25/2021, 8:47:22 PM