Text Statements

From the main Auction Dashboard, click through the Bidders entry and then the Statements entry under the Communications sidebar menu. Then click through the Text Statements entry under the Actions sidebar menu of the Bidder Statements page.


An example passthrough to the Text Statements.

Text Bidder Statement Dashboard


An example of the Text Bidder Statement_ dashboard from a demonstration event.

Select Bidders

From the Select Bidders tab, use the Recipients selectors to choose the Bidders you want to send a Text Message statement.


An example taken from a demonstration event.

Recipients Filters


There are several Recipients Filters available to select from to adjust which bidders will be included in the Text Statements you plan to send. The default is Bidders with actitivity.

See  ∞ Bidder Recipients Filters for more information.

Sort by


The Sort by selector allows you to arrange the list by Bidder# (default), Last Name, or Table#.

Time Limit

You can also limit the bidder list by their last activity time using the date and time selector.


Preview Statements

You can Preview Statements of bidders by clicking the preview icon ("eye" icon) at the far-right of the bidder's row in the current selection of Recipients.


An example taken from a demonstration event.

Customize Text Statement

You can customize the Header text and Footer text of Text Statements to include additional information. You can also select which bidders will be sent a text using the Recipients filter.

Click the Customize tab to edit the Header text and Footer text.



This is the only screen where you can enter custom text for text statements.


Text Statements

When you are ready to send the statements to the selected bidders by text, click Text Statements.


A popup window will appear asking you to confirm sending the statements. Click Continue.


A message will appear notifying you that the statements are being sent.

A success message will flash at the top of the screen after the statements have been sent.

Email Statements

This will take you to the Email Statements dashboard.

 ∞ Email Statements

This will take you to the Print Statements dashboard.

 ∞ Printed Statements

Text Settings

This will take you to the Text Settings dashboard.

 ∞ Text Settings

Last reviewed: January 2023
Text Statements