# Bidders

Bidders are central to your auction. There are no limits on the number of Bidders you can have registered for your auction/event. You can register Bidders individually, through the auction website, and/or import them from an XLS formatted file. Bidders can also register themselves online if you enable online registration (see Enable Bidder Registration for more information).


All payments/purchases processed through the auction website require a Bidder Record, if one does not exist it will be created during the checkout process. This is especially the case for payments using the credit card processing integration.

To access the Bidder Dashboard, click the Bidders menu item from the main Auction Dashboard.


# Bidder Dashboard


An example Bidder Dashboard using a demo auction data set.

The Bidder Dashboard has several areas where you can access and manage bidder information.

  • Bidder Details - this panel provides a drop-down selector to choose and open a specific bidder record.
  • # of bidders - this block shows the current number of bidders; and, has a + icon to trigger the Add New Bidder function.
  • Recently added bidders - this section shows those bidders that were recently added to the event; double-clicking on a bidder in the list will open its specific bidder record.
  • Bidder# Options - this section provides additional controls over the bidder number assignments.
    • Automatically assign bidder#'s - this controls when the bidder number will be automatically assigned if not specified
    • Next assigned bidder# - if a bidder number is being assigned by the system, it will attempt to use this number as the next assigned bidder number.

# Actions

The Bidder Dashboard Actions menu allows you to perform many bidder related functions.

# Communications

The Communications menu helps with keeping bidders informed.

# Import/Export

The Import/Export menu allows you to import and/or export your bidder data. See Import/Export for more information.

  • Import opens the Import Data dashboard (pre-populated with the Bidder table selected).
  • Export opens the Export Data dashboard.

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