# Meal Choices

Meal choices are defined on the Bidder Registration page from the main Auction dashboard. Click on Website then Bidder Registration/Checkout and go to the "Registration Options" panel to configure this option.

The Meal Choices setting is only applied when the Bidder Registration is connected to a Tickets item (which has an Admission Tickets Included value set -- see Add New Ticket Item for more details).

# Registration Options

The Meal choice options are set under the Registration Options section on the Bidder Registration dashboard.


  • Meal choices
    Enter a comma separated list of meal choices to present to bidders when they are registering for example: Beef,Fish,Vegetarian.

    The Meal choices options are "literal", if you have a space after the separating comma it will be part of the meal choice "name" and show the "space" in the reports. Changing the name after a meal choice has been selected will reference each "meal" separately in any related report.

  • Require meal choice
    If there are Meal choices defined, enabling this option will require a Meal choice is selected for each guest assigned a ticket.

# Reviewing Meal Choices

You can see an individual bidder's meal choice on their Bidder Details page.

You can also see a report for all bidders by clicking on Reports -> Bidders -> Meal Choices; or, you can add the "Meal choice" column to any Bidder based report (see Choosing Columns for details).


Last Updated: 4/12/2021, 2:26:27 PM