Item Details

January 2023: the current dashboard release has new graphics and some interface changes. Many screenshots still reflect the older release and will be updated shortly.

The Item Details page shows the information about the specific item being viewed.


An example of the Summary tab of an item taken from a demonstration event.

  • There is the main Summary page for the general information about the item.
  • An Images/Links tab where you can upload images and provide links to videos that will embedded in the bidder facing "Item Details" Auction Website page.
  • A Contents tab will also be available if the item has been marked as a Basket item.
  • The Activity tab where you can see the bidder activity.
  • The History tab where you can see an audit trail of changes to the item as well as transactions related to the item.
 ∞ Auction Website


The Summary tab lets you edit the information associated with the item. The sections available for Item Types are fairly consistent although there are some exceptions. Please review the appropriate item type under the Item Details > Summary section of this User Guide for more details.


 ∞ Item Types ∞ Item Summary


An example of an Images/Links tab from a demonstration event.

The Images/Links tab allows multiple images to be uploaded and allows external website addresses to be added for an item. Addresses that point to a YouTube or Vimeo video will embed the video into the item's Auction Website bidder-facing Item Details page.


 ∞ Images and Links ∞ Auction Website ∞ Item Details


The Contents tab only appears for items that are defined as "basket" items.


An example of a Contents tab from a demonstration event.


 ∞ Baskets and Packages ∞ Item Details


The Activity tab shows bidding and sales activity for the item.


An example of an Activity tab from a demonstration event.

There are also additional options available to modify bids as needed.


 ∞ Split Bid ∞ Demote to not winning ∞ Edit ∞ Transfer ∞ Delete


The History tab shows an audit trail of item information.


An example of a History tab from a demonstration event.

Last Revised: June 2022