# Auctria Admin (new)

Auctria Admin is a mobile app focused on specific functionality to help you run an event from a smartphone.

Initially the app is designed to be used for Stripe's mobile credit card readers to support tap payments. See Credit Card Readers And Swipers for more details.

# Installing the Auctria Admin app

Currently (October 2022) the mobile checkout app is available in open beta, but is not directly installable from the AppStore

# iOS

For iOS users you can install Apple's TestFlight app to mangage beta apps. Then click on testflight.apple.com/join/hT3KEoRt (opens new window) to request access to the beta test.

# Android

To request access to the Android test click on appdistribution.firebase.dev/i/5d967be6115f1138 (opens new window)

Once yor request is approved you will receive an email with more details on how to install the app.

# Sign In

You can sign in to the Auctria Admin app using the same email and passwod that you would use on the dashboard.

After signing in you will be presented with a list of organizations you can choose from (if you have multiple) and then a list of events.

Admin Features

Reviewed: October 2022
Last Updated: 10/14/2022, 4:24:47 PM