Event Team: Check-In

For in-person events it is common for a member, or members, of the auction team to take on a role to meet and greet guests. This may also be something assigned to the Bidder Check-In team members. Although this might just be saying "Hello!" and directing a guest to their table, it could also include checking in bidders, registering walk-in bidders, updating bidder details, etc.

Video - Auctria Check-In
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Checking In Bidders

Although not an absolute must, it can be helpful after the event to see which of the registered bidders and/or ticket holders actually checked into the event. During the Checking In process you can also verify bidder details as well as potentially taking the opportunity to ask for a donation to get the guest into the giving spirit.

Tables And Seating

Last reviewed: September 2023
Event Team: Check-In
This page will help with understanding and using the basic Auctria bidder check-in processes.