Key Topics: Bidders

Bidders represent people that are attending your event and/or participating online in some way. For most events, you can think of bidders and guests as being interchangeable.

If you are selling Tickets for your event, we recommend you have one bidder per guest. This lets you get an accurate count of who is coming and would be required if you want to track per-guest details like Meal Choices or Tables And Seating.

If you have an event that is just an auction only, and does not require tracking guests precisely, you can create a single bidder record to represent, for example, a "couple" rather than creating two bidders that share a bidder#.

Linked Bidders

Bidders that share a bidder number are said to be linked, see Sharing Bidder Numbers for more details on how this works. Also see our FAQ: Linking Bidders Versus Merging Bidders for more information.

Additional Bidders

There is also an Additional Bidders field on the bidder record. It can be used to track the names of other people bidding under the bidder#. This field is purely informational and will be shown on the Bidder Statements.

If you are using Tickets and creating one bidder per-guest, this field is not used.

Last reviewed: June 2023
Key Topics: Bidders
Learn how Auctria tracks the guests at your event, and how to use bidder numbers.