How To Assign Seating

Selling Tickets with the option to Create a table when sold enabled will create a table with the ticket-holders from the purchase automatically seated. See  ∞ Tables And Tickets for more information.

How Did I Get Here?

From the main Auction Dashboard, click through Bidders and then Tables under the bidder dashboard's Actions sidebar menu to open the Tables dashboard and then click through the Assign Seating entry of its Actions sidebar menu.


An example of a Tables dashboard from a demonstration event.

With the Seating Assignment dashboard displaying Tables, using the default Show selection All Tables (with any seated guests noted), and the Unseated Bidders from the event.


An example taken from a demonstration event.

The Tables section Show drop-down selector provides many pre-defined "Table Groups" filters and the option to select a specific table to work with.


An example showing all the available "filters" from a demonstration event.


An example of the Seating Assignment dashboard with a specific table selected.

Drag-N-Drop To Assign Seats

An Unseated Bidder can be seated using the standard "drag-n-drop" approach.


An example of seating bidders using drag-n-drop.

Drag-N-Drop To Change Seats

The Drag-N-Drop method of seating bidders can also move bidders between tables.

Clicking on the table will immediately seat the bidder in the first open slot for that specific table.


An example of the seating for a table after using each technique.

Select Bidders To Show

The Unseated Bidders list, by default, displays All bidders. You can use its drop-down selector to only work with Bidders with a ticket assigned as needed.


Select Seat By Bidder

You can also click the "seat" icon at the far-right in the Unseated Bidder specific row and select from the available tables in the pop-up window.


An example of a bidder's seating using their "seat" icon.

Clicking on the X at the far right of a seated bidder will remove them from the table and return them to the Unseated Bidders pool.


An example taken from a demonstration event.

There is no confirmation after clicking the X to remove a seated bidder; they will be removed immediately in these cases.


An example of a table seating after a bidder has been removed from it.

Last reviewed: November 2023
How To Assign Seating
A walkthrough showing how to assign seating when using tables.