Auctria Voting

One of the simplest approaches to Voting using Auctria is do set up Donation Items that represent what will be voted on. For example, voting on which group decorated the best Christmas tree (also see our webinar: Christmas Under the Clocktower: Using Auctria for votingopen in new window).


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Auctria Voting is essentially how Peer To Peer Auctions work in Auctria although, in general, the idea of "Peer To Peer" is often more fundraiser project focused.

Create Donation Items

Create A Donation Item for each item that will be voted on. It is also generally recommended these items have a tiered donation structure using the Donation Levels feature including an open donation option for the items.

In most cases, the item with the most donated dollars will be considered the winner where one dollar equals one vote.


In order to close the polls on the voting items you will need to set their respective Override Online Bidding End Time.

If your event has multiple approaches to the fundraiser aside from the Voting idea, it might be useful to Tag or set a Category for each of the voting items so they can be grouped together both on the Auction Website as well as within Reports.

Finding The Winner

To find the Winner after the polls have closed, you can look at the all items list report although it will need some additional columns added to it. You can add the $ winning bids column (for the total funds raised) and if you like the # winning bids column (for the number of individual votes that were place).

See Choosing Columns for more information on this.

With this information, you can further filter the list by displaying the All Donation Items Group and/or the Category you added to each item to identify it (suggested above).

As a secondary fundraising opportunity, the items that are being voted on might also be set up as something voters can purchase after voting closes. Simply create an appropriate For Sale item for each of the Donation Items being made available for purchase and display them as needed in an appropriately configured Item Catalog.

See Unknown link 'SellingItems' for more details on this.

Last reviewed: June 2023
Auctria Voting