Why Won't My Items Show In The Item Catalog?

For most Auction Catalogs, the default conditions for the Item Catalog will be to display "Biddable" items only based on the Condition set for the catalog in the Select Items window.


An example of a "default" auction catalog conditions setting for "Biddable" items only.

In this common scenario, if an item is not considered "Biddable" (What Are Biddable Items?) then it will not be displayed in an Item Catalog configured to display "Biddable" items only.

The solution in this case is to either update the default Items with types condition to include the types you want added; or, to change the item in question to a "Biddable" item type (and also ensuring its other properties are correctly set).

See Configure Items Displayed Items With Types for more information on adjusting the types for the existing auction catalog condition.

See Edit Item Details Item | Type for specifics on changing the item Type, also see Item Types for more information on how Item Types work.


See Configure Items Displayed for more information in general on Item Catalog Conditions; and, Edit Item Details for general item editing information.

There can also be other reasons why one or more items might not be displayed as expected in an auction catalog. In most cases, if the above is not causing the issue, reviewing one of the following ideas will help to get things sorted out.

Item Categories Selection

In the cases where the option to use the Item categories Condition is being used, it is important to either include the "missing" item's category; or, ensure the item's category is correctly set to be displayed in the auction catalog.


An example, initial 'Item categories' Item Catalog Condition (no categories selected).


An example of specific 'Item categories' showing only those items in the specified Item Categories.

When using the 'Item Categories' condition for an auction catalog, the selected categories and the item in question must have matching categories.


An example list of items with the Electronics category, these will not be displayed in this example.

The solution to this scenario is to either add the "Electronics" category to the Item Catalog Condition or change the item's category to either "Events" or "Experiences".

See Configure Items Displayed for changing the auction catalog conditions. See Edit Item Details for changing the item's category.

Exclude From Catalog Option

Within the Item Details record there is an option to Exclude from catalog under the "Options" section, this is found in all items.


An example of the default Options settings with 'Exclude from catalog' set to No.

Setting the Exclude from catalog option to Yes will exclude the item from ALL catalogs, this includes both digital and print versions of the item catalogs.


An example of the Options section in edit mode, checking the 'Exclude from catalog' box (when saved) will show the setting as Yes.

The solution in this scenario if often just ensuring the setting Exclude from catalog is set as No; or, un-checking the box to change the setting to No. See Item Categories for information on categories.

See Edit Item Details Exclude From Catalog for specifics on changing the item's Options section.

Include In Online Catalog Option

Similar to the Exclude from catalog option, Item Categories can have their option Include in online catalog disabled at some point -- the default is enabled.


If this Usage option is set to No all items with this category will not be displayed in any online item catalog. Also to note, in this case, the print catalog is a separate option.


An example of the Usage section in edit mode with the Include in the online catalog un-checked.

The solution in this case it to ensure the Include in online catalog option is checked.

To edit the Usage options, from the main Auction Dashboard click through Items to All Categories under the sidebar Categories menu of the Items Dashboard; double-click (to edit) the category on the Item Categories dashboard you want to change and modify its Usage section as needed.

Override Online Bidding Times

In the cases of For Sale Items and Donation Items, their respective Override online bidding/sales starts/ends times may affect the item visibility if set. These settings are found under the Online Availability section of the Item Details page.


Establishing an Override time in either the "starts at" or "ends at" options will create a window where the item will be displayed in auction catalogs. Setting a "starts at" time will only allow the item to be displayed at that time and afterward while setting an "ends at" time will only allow the item to be displayed up to that time. Outside of this window, the item will not be displayed.


An example where the item will stop being displayed after 11:45 AM on 29 Apr 2021.

The solution in this scenario is to either "clear" the set time or re-set the option to a more appropriate time providing a window where the item will be available and displayed to potential donors/purchasers.

See Edit Item Details For Sale Items (or Donation Items) section for specifics on modifying the item's Override times.


The Override online bidding starts/ends at does not affect the display of "Biddable" items although it does affect the ability for them to be bid on.

Online Visibility Is Hiding Your Items

Also to note, if you have set a default Online Visibility or a specific Override Online Visibility for an item, this may be stopping the item(s) from being displayed as well.


See Key Topic: Online Visibility for more information.

Last reviewed: November 2023
Why Won't My Items Show In The Item Catalog?