# Images (new)

As the old adage goes "a picture is worth a thousand words" and Auctria provides for images on the platform to be used: with items; as logos for donors, sponsors, and the organization; and, as a means to provide decorative elements on the auction website.

# Concepts

Image Dimensions and image File Size may be related and in most cases, the larger the image dimensions (for example, measured in pixels) the larger the image file size will be. Using a reasonably sized (read: dimensional values) image will mean a smaller image file size and better "load" times for your guests visiting the auction website.

# Items

  • Images and Links
    • The Images/Links tab is where you can save and manage the specific images associated with the item. This is where you would set the default item image used as the primary display reference. Additional images can be uploaded to generate an image carousel on the Item Details website page.
  • Add New Item - Images
  • Batch Image Upload
    • You can upload multiple images at once and have the system automatically assign them to different items. Each image must be mapped to a single item, however, if you have a folder of images named item_1, item_2, item_3 the system will upload the highlighted images in the folder and assign them to items# 1, 2, 3, etc.

# Logos

  • Bidder Details - Images
    • The IMAGES tab is only used when a Bidder purchases an item with the Is Sponsorship option checked. See Selling Sponsorships for more information on this.
  • Add Donors - Logos
    • The Logos section shows the images that have been uploaded for the Donors, such as a company logo or brand logo.

    When you upload Donor logos (via the dashboard) the system will resize them as necessary. An original source size of no more than 1000px works well; and, ideally the logo should be "square" rather than wide and short, or tall and narrow.

  • Add Images to Donors
    • One or more images may be added to each donor record. By adding an image to a donor, that image will be available to be included in the auction catalog and on gift certificates.
  • Donor Details - Images Tab

# Website

  • Choose Image
    • Clicking on the preview icon beside the "image" text will open the Choose Image pop-up window. You can also open "Choose Image" pop-up window by double-clicking the default image or using the cog action pencil icon.
  • How Do I Link Images?
    • You can make an inserted Image element "click-able" by using its Add Behavior property.

# Website Elements

A collection of image-specific website elements used with images.

  • Dashboard | Website | Website Content | Column Content > Image
  • Dashboard | Website | Website Content | Column Content > Image Carousel
  • Dashboard | Website | Website Content | Column Content > Parallax Image
  • Dashboard | Website | Website Content | Column Content > Item Image Carousel
    • The Item Image Carousel only works with the default images of the selected items.

NOTE: Dashboard = Auction Team Experience in the User Guide

  • Add Behavior - Click
    • Clicking on the Add Behavior button for the specific image element will display a pop-up. Using the "Click" option will open the settings to make an image "click-able".
  • Video
    • A Video element can be inserted in the same fashion as a basic image element and may suit your needs better in some cases.
  • Customize Email Header
    • If you want to change the default image used by the system in the header section of emails.
  • Customize Email Footer
    • If you want to add or change the image used by the system in the footer section of emails.

Added: 2021-08-30

Updated: 2021-08-31
Last Updated: 8/31/2021, 2:06:30 PM